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The Animal Family Adventures
Finally Home...Alone

About Jessaka

Jessaka lives in Ocean View, DE with her two sons, Britan, Caden, and her two daughters, Ellery and Kinley. Ellery and Kinley have co-authored children’s picture books with their mom. They are called “Animal Family Adventures: First Time Family” and “Finally Home...Alone.” She also lives with her dog, Doodie, (who makes an appearance in a book) and two cats, Kitty Purry and Meebles.  

She is a Language Arts teacher, finishing her twenty-third year of public-school teaching in a variety of schools, districts and states. She has taught all grades, from first through high school, and has made it (so far) to tell the tale. Her students and their experiences helped to create some of the characters in the stories that are already in print, and those that are yet to be told.  

She loves reading mystery and true crime books and authoring her own stories while not teaching. She practices yoga and runs in her spare time, while creating courses for personal reflection, meditation, and growth.  



“I loved the book! The characters were real and the quick chapters had me flipping pages until the end...and I'm glad I read til the end! What a quick read!” -TT

“The chapters were quick and the plot was easy to follow even though the story was told out of chronological order! I can't wait to read the prequel and sequel.”- BP

“Such a cute children's book. I loved the characters and so did my daughters! I am so glad we added this book to our collection.” -BR

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